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14K Two-Tone Gold Polished Plain Crucifix Pendant

14K Two-Tone Gold Polished Plain Crucifix Pendant

Item #: MK-8P12900
Retail Value: 300.00



The polished plain crucifix pendant may have a deeper significance to many people but it is undeniable that it is also very fitting as a jewelry item. This pendant is fashioned from 14 Karat gold which is two-tone. The cross is yellow gold and this is maintained even with the small hole created at the top as well as the rounded hook that is passed through the hole for suspension of the pendant. The Christ figure on the cross however, is crafted from white gold thus making the entire polished plain crucifix pendant two-tone gold. This is a classic addition to any jewelry box.

We guarantee our 14K Two-Tone Gold Polished Plain Crucifix Pendant gemstone jewelry to be high quality, authentic Christian jewelry, as described above.

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