14K White Gold Scroll Earrings

14K White Gold Scroll Earrings

Item #: QGER-Z1155
Retail Value: 225.00


made in the USA


Let a graceful cascade adorn your ears with this carefree 14K white gold pair. Three strands of white gold spiral in harmony, almost as if around an invisible orb, to create a look that will add both style and a smile. These airy earrings offer a delicate touch, upscale but never uptight. A shining finish gives definition to the elegant ease of this pair, while their cool color makes them good partners for any white gold or silver jewelry. They�re relaxed yet sophisticated, and their dangling good looks will carry you from the office through the evening and into the weekend.

Earrings measure 35mm long. Spirals measure 27mm long x 12mm wide.

We guarantee our 14K White Gold Scroll Earrings to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.