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14K Yellow Gold Star Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Star Earrings

Item #: STLER-84608Y
Retail Value: 525.00



What could be more complementary than not just one, but two gold stars? Gold stars are a symbol of a job well done, and these eye-catching earrings declare that youíre a unique individual with a sense of style thatís worth admiring. Crafted to last from 14K yellow gold, these stars add warm shine and make it known that youíre not shy about expressing yourself through your jewelry. Outlines of this warm metal create the shape of each star and provide a look thatís both weightless and bold. Give them to anyone who lets their style shine or wear them to communicate your personality with bold, fun beauty.

Earrings measure 32mm x 13.5mm and weigh approx. 2.5 grams.

We guarantee our 14K Yellow Gold Star Earrings to be high quality, authentic earrings jewelry, as described above.

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