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5.5mm Black Titanium Filigree Wedding Band

5.5mm Black Titanium Filigree Wedding Band

Item #: QGRG-TB403
Retail Value: 200.00



If youíre hoping for something a little different for your wedding band, then look no further. Made out of titanium, this ring is sure to stand out among the rest without looking too elaborate, and itís too small to be considered gaudy. The intricate pattern carved around the length of the ring, as well as the highly polished surface, provides a pleasing effect that will sure to be noticed and most importantly, it serves as a very beautiful reminder of the vows you make to your loved one. Consider this when youíre on your quest for the perfect ring to show the world that youíve found your one, true love.

A beautiful filigree pattern is carefully etched into the slight domed black IP-Plated titanium ring. With it's high polished design and it satin finish background this ring is sure to make a statement.

Ring measures 5.5mm wide and has a comfort fit.

What is Ip-Plating?

Ip-Plating or Ion Plating is a colorization process that involves plating the metal with a color, typically black, yellow, rose or chocolate. It involves adding of a titanium nitride layer, which has a high chemical stability, to the component to be plated. It is much more durable than traditional plating methods.

We guarantee our 5.5mm Black Titanium Filigree Wedding Band to be high quality, authentic ring jewelry, as described above.

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