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Amethyst and Iolite Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Amethyst and Iolite Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Item #: MK-141BG112461AM
Retail Value: 800.00



Simply cute with a circular shape that leaves a stylish gap in the middle, this amethyst and lolite bangle bracelet is stunning and a refreshing addition to the arm of a lady desiring to show high taste and trendiness. The frame is finely fashioned from 925 sterling silver which has distinct gentle twisting design and a clasp also crafted from sterling silver and fitted into the frame beautifully. The two opposite ends of the bangle bracelet which do not touch as the design creates a gap, are both covered in tips that are fashioned from sterling silver and embedded with 0.05 Carat chrome diopside and 0.03 Carat lolite while capped with a stunning 9mm x 7mm sized, 2.40 Carat amethyst gemstones. Completing this eye-catching look are the gemstone encrusted tips which also sport 14 Karat yellow gold accents.

We guarantee our Amethyst and Iolite Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic sterling silver jewelry, as described above.

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