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Angelic Hoop Earrings Crafted in 14K Yellow Gold

Angelic Hoop Earrings Crafted in 14K Yellow Gold

Item #: MK-8E10303
Retail Value: 300.00



Exquisitely crafted angelic hoop earrings. Each earring has an intricate image of a winged angel with hands clasped in prayers. The angelic images are crafted from the same 14 Karat yellow gold from which the entire earring set is fashioned. The size emphasizes the beauty of the design with its lengths of 30mm and width of 26mm. Each clasp is also stylishly fashioned from yellow gold and arches over the two curved loops arising from beneath each angel thus forming the hoop. It indeed presents a very stunning display which attracts attention to the wearer each time it is worn.

We guarantee our Angelic Hoop Earrings Crafted in 14K Yellow Gold gemstone jewelry to be high quality, authentic Christian jewelry, as described above.

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