Titanium Bracelet, "The Titan", by Forza Tesori

Titanium Bracelet,

Item #: BR-TITAN
Retail Value: 300.00


The Titan, Mens Titanium Bracelet, by Forza Tesori.

For men who dare to walk alone, this original Forza Tesori bracelet is truly one of a kind. We made it just for guys, with massive links that reflect an unmistakable masculine attitude. It is made of solid air craft grade titanium with brushed H links coupled with polished connectors framed by a brushed aspect.

Its links are removable.


Length: 8 Inches   

Width: 16mm (5/8").

Thickness: 4mm (approx. 3/16")

Weight: 58.3 grams (2.1 ounces)

Titanium Bracelet Seamless Design

We guarantee our Titanium Bracelet, "The Titan", by Forza Tesori to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.