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Black Enamel Titanium Men's Cross Ring

Black Enamel Titanium Men's Cross Ring

Item #: QGRG-TB249
Retail Value: 100.00



Sometimes, the simplest things can be the best looking. This is the case with this particular piece; the focal point is raised and flattened so you’re sure to look at it, but the only thing it has to show is a simple cross, rendered in black enamel. But isn’t the cross, one of the most important symbols of Christian faith, to be celebrated and shown off? Indeed, this ring does well in doing that, making such a simple focal point into something a little more. With its brushed finish and 10 millimeter width, this ring is sure to be a valuable addition to yours or a loved one’s collection.

A black enamel cross is the center piece of our titanium brushed finished ring.

Ring face measures 18mm (11/16") x 13mm (1/2"). Band measures 10mm at the narrowest point.

We guarantee our Black Enamel Titanium Men's Cross Ring to be a high quality, authentic wedding ring, as described above.

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