Butterfly Earrings , 14K Yellow Gold

Butterfly Earrings , 14K Yellow Gold

Item #:STLER-84452Y
Retail Value: 1200.00



You’ll almost hear the flutter of wings every time you wear this delicate pair. The butterfly’s transformation from a crawling caterpillar into a beautiful winged creature is the perfect picture of new life and these earrings use this natural symbol to create a look that’s light, airy and refreshing. Three butterflies dangle from each of these earrings, fluttering in unison and effortless elegance. This pair is a fitting gift for any person you know that’s full of life. Or, let them hang from your own ears as a reminder that any moment is the perfect moment for a new start.

Earrings measure 48mm x 28.5mm and weigh approx. 5 grams.

We guarantee our Butterfly Earrings , 14K Yellow Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.