Celtic Knot Band in Sterling Silver

Celtic Knot Band in Sterling Silver

Item #: JDB-146SS
Retail Value: 425.00


made in the USA


Sterling Silver classic Celtic knot band features a continuous pattern around the ring in a 4mm width.


  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Width: 4mm
  • For Men or Women


This Celtic Knot Band in Sterling Silver might not display a traditional Celtic knot, but its message is just as enduring as that of the motifs that have been used to represent eternity for hundreds of years. This shining ring gives a time-honored design an angular updated edge that provides this ring with a look thatís unquestionably modern without forgoing its enduring appeal and timeless message.

A single strand of shining sterling silver twists and turns to form a repeating infinity knot pattern that wraps the wearerís finger in an open design that, as the name suggests, represents something without end. Thus, itís a fitting way to celebrate the fact that your love will never run out. In addition, this motif is a gleaming picture of the way that you and the one you adore are intertwined into one. Just as these knots cannot be pulled apart, your bond will endure for a lifetime.

This unique wedding ring is crafted from the finest quality sterling silver, .925 sterling silver, giving this ring a cool gray shine thatís both stylish and timeless. Itís also a wallet-friendly pick for anyone looking for a quality wedding band on budget that doesnít sacrifice an ounce of style.

We guarantee our Celtic Knot Band in Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.