Celtic Spiral Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold

Celtic Spiral Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold

Item #: JDB-173Y
Retail Value: 1100.00


made in the USA


Like the thumbprints left long ago this 14K Yellow Gold band features a continuous spiral pattern around the ring in a 5.5mm width.


  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Width: 5.5mm
  • For Men or Women


The Celtic Spiral Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold may not be a traditional take on Celtic style, but its appeal is every bit as enduring as a classic knotting motif. By using a symbol that’s long represented eternity in a fresh and slightly whimsical way, this contemporary adaptation of Celtic design is able to celebrate your lasting love and accent your finger with a look that’s modern and full of movement.

Every wedding band represents endless love through its shape (which has no beginning or end); however, this 14K yellow gold wedding ring also uses the symbolism of a circle to create a pattern that seems to dance upon its surface. A repeating motif of gracefully curling arcs adorns this band, creating a spiral design that seems to capture the whirlwind feeling that comes with new love. However, due to their round shapes, these motifs are also a symbol of the lasting nature of your commitment and affection.

The warm yellow gold from which this wedding ring is crafted gives this piece a sunny glow and a sense of classic elegance. Two contrasting finishes—the polished finish of the swirl designs and the bushed finish of the flat band below—allow this ring’s design to pop.

We guarantee our Celtic Spiral Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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