Christian Dove Ruby Bridal Ring Set, 14K Yellow Gold

Christian Dove Ruby Bridal Ring Set, 14K Yellow Gold

Item # :AOGEGR-3014RBY
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This lovely gold and ruby ring is like a lyrical melody, bringing light and joy to whomever shall wear it. The Holy Spirit Dove Ruby Purity Bridal Ring Set features 14k yellow gold with a carefully carved dove setting that encapsulates a stunning ruby gemstone at the centerpiece.

This ring sings like a symphony, exuding a beautiful combination of rich tones, from the polished yellow gold to the cherry red stone. The ring features a double band, each band measuring 1.5mm in width. The bands support a stylishly carved gold dove, wings spread and tail pointed out. Above the dove sits a romantic, round-cut ruby (5mm) that sings a sonata of colors when the light casts itself upon it, exuding notes of plum, burgundy, and cardinal red.

This impressive ring is an enchanting example of fine craftsmanship, marrying the light tone of yellow gold with the deep tenor of the ruby—while the symbolic use of the dove creates a message of purity and goodness that will ring true for the one who wear it.

 Engagement Ring Diamond Characteristics
 Gemstone Type  Ruby
 Gemstone Size  5mm
 Total Number of Stones  1
 Gemstone Shape  Round
 Gemstone Quality  AA+
 Engagement Ring Measurements
 Width  1.5mm
 Setting Height  7.5mm
 Metal Type  14K Yellow Gold
 Wedding Ring Measurements
 Width  1.75mm
 Head Measurement  7mm x 8mm
 Metal Type  14K Yellow Gold
We guarantee our Christian Dove Ruby Bridal Ring Set, 14K Yellow Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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