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Confirmed in Christ Necklace in Sterling Silver

Confirmed in Christ Necklace in Sterling Silver

Item #: QGPD-QSX579
Retail Value: 100.00



The Confirmed in Christ Necklace in Sterling Silver is an inspirational piece to be worn close to the heart as a reminder of one’s faith. It has a clear message and beautiful dove imagery that make it a perfect Confirmation gift to be cherished by the beholder for years to come as she explore her faith.

The lovely round pendant measures 26mm by 26mm and is carefully cast in sterling silver. It features a double-lined outline of a dove poised in flight and looking up at the sky, sending a message of hope and love out into the world. The curved wings of the dove accentuate the round shape of the piece, and bring attention to the beautiful message written into the silver that reads “Confirmed in Christ”. Overall, the piece has a vintage appeal with its black lettering and dove outline, along with the 18” antique-style chain that attaches with a silver loop at the top of the pendant.

This necklace is for those who want to celebrate their faith and live with an open heart. It has an obvious spiritual message that it both comforting and reaffirming for those who are just coming into their own with their beliefs.

Pendant measures 26mm (1”) x 26mm (1”) and comes with an 18 inch chain.

We guarantee our Confirmed in Christ Necklace in Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic sterling silver jewelry, as described above.

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