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Crown of Thorns Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace

Crown of Thorns Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace

Item #: QGPD-SRN1147
Retail Value: 75.00



Looking for something with symbolism, but donít want to go with something as traditional as the cross? Then look no further than this dog tag necklace. Itís made out of stainless steel, so that itís nice and strong and will last a long time. On the dog tag, intricately carved and filled with black to make sure it really stands out, is a pattern that represents the crown of thorns that Jesus Christ wore when he was crucified. Itís a little different from the traditional symbols you might see when shopping for Christian jewelry, but itís still an important one, and sure to be appreciated for what it means by those that see it.

Stainless steel crown of thorns dog tag pendant is antiqued and comes with a 24 inch 1.5mm cable chain.

Pendant measures 36mm (1 7/16") x 24mm (15/16") not including bail.

We guarantee our Crown of Thorns Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace gemstone jewelry to be high quality, authentic Christian jewelry, as described above.

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