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Diamond Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver

Diamond Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver

Item #: MK-RA2913AD
Retail Value: 175.00



When looking for a ring that will serve as an elegant reflection of your personality, this is one of the most amazing rings that will fit the description and indeed, complement your entire outfit. It is an exquisite combination of the ‘infinity’ symbol with a sublimely crafted and graceful frame. The entire frame of the diamond infinity ring is fashioned from 925 sterling silver that is unmistakably exquisite and has a rounded feel on its outer surface with a slight parting at the top, forming two prongs from both left and right sides to hold the infinity symbol. The symbol itself is amply encrusted with twenty-three, 0.07 Carat diamonds, all glistening to make this ring radiate and shimmer beautifully.

We guarantee our Diamond Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic sterling silver jewelry, as described above.

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