Double Strand Stainless Steel Infinity Necklace

Double Strand Stainless Steel Infinity Necklace

Item #: QGPD-SRN1408-18
Retail Value: 75.00



Simply stunning, this Double Strand Stainless Steel Infinity Necklace is perfection in design. It features a pendant with beautifully curved edges and polished metal that combine to create a lovely, balanced piece. The elegant craftsmanship easily reinforces the symbolism of infinity.

This 18” double strand chain is a distinctive way to hang a pendant from a necklace. In this case, it is the perfect way to highlight the lovely horizontal design of this piece and allow for the pendant to move naturally across the skin. The infinity symbol is made from stainless steel and measures 34mm by 26mm. It has two loops that are shaped from one consistent piece of metal, wider in the center and thinner at either end. The slightly raised center in the design draws in the eye to follow the lovely lines. It all comes together in one solid piece of shimmering metal.

This geometric piece is a great addition to a jewelry collection because it is so unique and elegant at the same time. It features a never-ending design of loops—a true infinity symbol—that invites attention and intrigue to whatever outfits you choose to pair it with.

Infinity measures 34mm (1 5/16”) by 26mm (1”) and comes with an 18 inch chain.

We guarantee our Double Strand Stainless Steel Infinity Necklace to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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