Laser Engraved Celtic Cross Titanium Band

Laser Engraved Celtic Cross Titanium Band

Item #:QGRG-TB3K
Retail Value: 100.00



Thereís something to be said for the popularity of Celtic imagery, whether itís in the media or in designs, such as jewelry. Theyíre simple yet elegant, and work well no matter if youíre a man or woman. This ring is an extremely good example of that classic Celtic flair, with Celtic knots winding around most of the ring, coming to a head at the front where an elegant, Celtic cross is laser engraved to act as the focal point. This piece is made out of titanium, making it both practical and durable, as well as comfortable to wear. The comfort fit ensures maximum comfort while wearing the ring, whether itís just for a few hours as part of an outfit out, or if itís a regular piece of your wardrobe.

Band measures 8mm wide and has a comfort fit.

We guarantee our Laser Engraved Celtic Cross Titanium Band to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.