Laser Engraved Two-Tone Black Filigree Titanium Ring

Laser Engraved Two-Tone Black Filigree Titanium Ring

Item #:QGRG-TB408
Retail Value: 300.00




When it comes to making sure every detail is right, you canít beat laser engraving. Itís becoming more and more popular to use it on jewelry as the technology increases, and itís one of the most trusted methods these days for those intricate details. Thatís whatís used for this ring, made with two-tone black filigree titanium. The design circles the entire ring for a beautiful display. Whether you need that little something extra to help pull an outfit together, or youíre just looking for a ring that you can use as a keepsake, this one is sure to please, and will last for generations so you can pass it on to your children when the time comes.

What is Ip-Plating?

Ip-Plating or Ion Plating is a colorization process that involves plating the metal with a color, typically black, yellow, rose or chocolate. It involves adding of a titanium nitride layer, which has a high chemical stability, to the component to be plated. It is much more durable than traditional plating methods.

We guarantee our Laser Engraved Two-Tone Black Filigree Titanium Ring to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.