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Polished Plain Cobalt Wedding Band Ring

Polished Plain Cobalt Wedding Band Ring

Item #: QGRG-CC24
Retail Value: 125.00



This is the type of wedding ring that every man wants: simple, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. The satin finish gives it a soft feel while the high polish surface makes sure that it will gleam on your special day and for years to come. This particular item is made from cobalt, meaning it’s both hypoallergenic and tough. There are no bells and whistles on this such as carvings or special stones, but it will still stand out and serve as a reminder of the precious memories you’ve made with your loved one, and the memories that have yet to come. At 4 millimeters wide, the Polished Plain Cobalt Wedding Band is the perfect fit.

Ring measures 4mm in width.

We guarantee our Polished Plain Cobalt Wedding Band Ring to be a high quality, authentic wedding ring, as described above.

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