Sterling Silver Antiqued Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Antiqued Hoop Earrings

Item #: QGER-QE4917
Retail Value: 75.00



Reminiscent of the spectacular jewelry from the Ancient Egyptian era of Cleopatra, these beautiful earrings make a bold statement for such a modest size. The Sterling Silver Antiqued Hoop Earrings have a lovely style, shape, and design that make them a likely accessory for any woman’s collection. The earrings hold an intriguing pattern, making them a fashionable piece, easy to dress up or dress down.

These solid, sterling silver hoops each measure 22mm by 25mm and feature a beautifully beaded edge along the outside of the hoop and a smaller beaded edge along the interior. Across the surface of the earrings is a sculpted design of flowing shapes and curves set amongst a darkened, antiqued background. The overall effect lets the silverwork simply stand out and adds a lovely texture to the piece. At the top of the earring is a simple clasp that allows for easy removal of the earrings from the earlobe.

These earrings offer an engaging, expressive design that intrigues the eye, making them appear of vintage quality from a time gone by. Besides their overall appeal, these earrings are crafted with comfort in mind, offering a sculpted edge to fit around the earlobe, an effortless clasp, and a modest weight that never pulls on the ear.

Earrings measure 25mm (1”) x 23mm (7/8”).

We guarantee our Sterling Silver Antiqued Hoop Earrings to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.