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Sterling Silver Contoured Halo Diamond Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Contoured Halo Diamond Stud Earrings

Item #: MK-147E6948
Retail Value: 450.00



Uniquely designed for maximum attraction, this contoured halo diamond stud earrings are simply lovely, singularly outstanding and perfect for you as a lady of sublime taste. Framed in a rounded shape which is fashioned from 925 sterling silver, each earring has a surface which protrudes slightly and has a delicate, sweeping contour design etched into it in various directions. The clasp behind each stud earring is not obvious but no less stylish in consonance with the design. Surrounding the contour design are 0.14 Carat diamonds numbering twenty-eight and projecting white glow around the design. An excellent addition for the classy lady’s jewelry box especially one with exquisite tastes.

We guarantee our Sterling Silver Contoured Halo Diamond Stud Earrings to be high quality, authentic sterling silver jewelry, as described above.

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