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Tri-Color Beaded Anklet Chain in 14K Gold

Tri-Color Beaded Anklet Chain in 14K Gold

Item #: MK-8C14302
Retail Value: 300.00



Wearing an anklet is bold but wearing a tri-color anklet simply adds a dash of flair to the wearer’s dressing. The anklet chain is made of 14 Karat yellow gold with a lovely and delicate strand. At opposite ends of the 10”;10”;20” length of the tricolor anklet is a clasp and hook and then spaced at intervals between both ends are four balls of different colors creating a beautiful contrast and uniqueness. Each of the four balls has dimensions of 3mm which makes them sufficiently visible without being overbearing. Guaranteed to make the wearer look distinct.

We guarantee our Tri-Color Beaded Anklet Chain in 14K Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry bracelet, as described above.

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