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Wave of Yellow Gold 14K Bangle Bracelet

Wave of Yellow Gold 14K Bangle Bracelet

Item #: MK-8G9101
Retail Value: 950.00



Suave and subtle flow of yellow gold makes this bangle bracelet look different and unique. While the texture of the bangle bracelet appears brushed, its edges are very smooth and enhance the look of the wave of yellow gold bangle bracelet. 14 Karat yellow gold is used throughout the bracelet and the design imitates the subtle flow of water. The dimensions of the bangle bracelet is 6.5mm while its length is 7 inches. Unmistakably intricate and masterfully crafted to look good on any lady of classy taste, the wave of yellow gold bracelet is a thing of beauty and a sight to behold.

We guarantee our Wave of Yellow Gold 14K Bangle Bracelet to be high quality, authentic jewelry bracelet, as described above.

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