Zippered Pattern Cobalt Wedding Band Ring

Item #:BM-CF98465CC
Retail Value: 450.00




As you begin your search for the perfect wedding ring, take a moment to appreciate this beautifully carved cobalt ring. It is the kind of wedding band that is unique and it would allow you to show off your true personality as you wear it. The Zippered Pattern Cobalt Wedding Band Ring is a distinctive ring made from solid cobalt and featuring a beautiful pattern to admire each time you gaze upon it.

This Cobaltchrome™ comfort Fit ring (8 mm x 2 mm) features a distressed-center zippered pattern that is both eye-catching and sophisticated. While the pattern has a subtle, distressed treatment to the metal, it complements perfectly the polished edges that add shine to the piece. In addition, the rounded edges and silky smooth interior make for the ultimate comfort fit.

The Benchmark cobalt wedding ring with its amazing pattern is an example of fine craftsmanship and superior design.


    Ring Specifications
  • Metal Type - Cobaltchrome
  • Ring Width - 8mm
  • Ring Thickness - 2mm
  • Comfort Fit




We guarantee our Zippered Pattern Cobalt Wedding Band Ring to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.