History of Gold (conclusion)

By 1990, the United States had become the world's second largest gold producing nation. South Africa, whose gold strike was in 1868, is in first place. She is the source of 40% of all gold ever mined.

In 2000, astronomers at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii used giant gold-coated mirrors to capture the most detailed images ever of the planets Uranus and Neptune.

In Rockville, Maryland in 2006, Cytimmune, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, announced that it was very close to receiving approval for a colloidal gold treatment for certain cancers.

Gold has been depicted as the essence of evil and greed. Yet, these are human traits, not mineral. In fact, when we reward human endeavor and the highest achievement, we present gold medals and awards. It a contradictory thing and yet, as the oldest precious metal known to man, remains extremely popular. Perhaps it is the traits of longevity and indestructibility that made it - and continues to make it - the medium of choice for jewelry, especially the wedding ring. It remains the ideal symbol of the nuptial vows: beautiful, eternal, and as they say as good as gold.

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