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14K White Gold Wedding Bands for Men and Women: Beyond Plain Wedding Rings

14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring for men and womenThinking about tying the knot with coordinating wedding bands for him and her? Apples of Gold’s collection of white gold wedding bands contains plenty 14K white gold wedding bands for men and women—styles that are wonderfully suited for both brides and grooms.

While plain wedding rings may be the first styles to come to mind when you think about matching 14K white gold wedding bands for men and women, they’re far from the only options for brides and grooms who want to declare their unity in love with styles that clearly go together. Hammered rings, braided styles and even vintage looks can all be excellent choices for the couple looking for coordinating wedding bands. Here’s a peek at just three of the many rings that are a great fit for both men and women.



14K White Gold Wide Braided Wedding Band

Each of these 14K white gold wedding bands for men and women can also be purchased in matching sets for both the bride and the groom as part of Apples of Gold’s collection of wedding band sets. Whether you buy them as separate pieces or as a set, these styles will please men and women alike!