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.925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

.925 sterling silver jewelryFrom casual silver bangles to silver engagement rings, .925 sterling silver jewelry is a popular choice. Pieces made from this metal are crafted from the highest quality silver available for jewelry—actually an alloy that’s more durable than silver alone.  While pure silver is rather soft, making it impractical for jewelry, when it’s combined with small amounts of other metals, it’s transformed into a medium that’s ideal for jewelry in a wide range of styles. As a bonus, .925 sterling silver jewelry is also significantly more affordable than gold.

All of Apples of Gold’s sterling silver jewelry is crafted from .925 sterling silver. They’re quality pieces you’ll be proud to wear or to give, and come in a huge range of styles, from Victorian-inspired to cutting edge.

Silver Rings may be the most popular type of .925 sterling silver jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a simple statement of style or an eye-catching gemstone, there’s a sterling silver ring for any taste:

Crosses made of sterling silver are also a popular choice, allowing you express your faith and your fashion sense:

sterling silver initial charm bangle braceletBracelets made of sterling silver give any outfit a sophisticated touch:

Apples of Gold’s .925 sterling silver jewelry collection has something for everyone. These top-quality pieces offer impeccable style at incredible prices.