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Designer Engagement Rings

The term “designer” is thrown around a lot to describe jewelry—but what does “designer engagement rings” really mean? In many cases it means just what it sounds like: engagement rings created by designers rather than mass-produced in a factory. “Designer” can also signify that a piece of jewelry is unique and exclusive, not something you’d find in every jeweler at the mall.

Susan Helmich, president of The American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC) says that the AJDC defines designer jewelry as “something that is created outside of the trends.” She also explains that:

“Designers try to create ideas that are acceptable to those who appreciate and want fine art. The piece must embody integrity of craftsmanship, knowledge of art, transcend into timelessness and be valued as art beyond its intrinsic value of metal and gems. A designer’s goal is to create work that transcends time and can always be worn as a stylish piece of jewelry at any time.”

Designer engagement rings are no exception to this timelessnesss. They’ll look just as gorgeous decades from now as they do today.

When better to invest in a piece of jewelry that transcends time than when you’re proposing to the love of your life? Designer engagement rings are art that symbolizes your love every day. Here are two gorgeous styles to consider:

King Solomon described his bride as “Like a lily among thorns” (Song of Solomon 2:2a, NKJV)—uniquely beautiful above all others. Whether you choose a ring with retro flair or one oozing with Victorian femininity, designer engagement rings communicate exclusive love for the bride, a love that’s greater than love for anyone else.