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Diamond Engraved Bands

Celtic Filigree Wedding Band

Fashionable Vintage-Style Engraving

The lost art of hand engraving on 14K gold jewelry and rings is seeing a resurgence of interest and availability since the tried and true process of diamond-engraving is now being applied to jewelry as a decorative technique. This process replicates the "bright cut" vintage look previously only created by a disappearing breed of artisan hand engravers.

Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band
Engraving Technique

Diamond Engraving actually burnishes the gold surface creating a polished subsurface in the groove of the line being engraved. Small V-shaped shavings of gold are removed in the process. The shimmering effect created is dazzling as the light catches the bright-cuts from different angles and creates a subtle, but beautiful engraved design.

Some of the diamond-engraved rings that Apples of Gold Jewelry offers takes up to six hours to engrave, even using a computer assisted machine. This may seem impractical for mass production but the results speak for themselves. Apples of Gold Jewelry creates a look no longer offered to the consumer and can make it available using today’s technology at a reasonable price.

Ironworks Cross Wedding Band in Rose Gold

"The reason we have not been seeing more of this rich gold look is that there is nobody to do the hand work, craftsmen are not being trained, we no longer see this hand crafted look available. That is until now," states an artisan at Apples of Gold Jewelry who creates this beautiful and unique deigns.

Apples of Gold Jewelry, one of the fastest growing online precious jewelry retailers, prides themselves at being on the cutting edge of design and technique. "We are re-discovering diamond engraving, and applying it to vintage jewelry textures. Diamond engraving has been used for years to engrave letters and text for jewelry personalization. We are now creating the entire design with this process. It has a great look and feel reminiscent of Victorian love tokens and period 14K jewelry."


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