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Titanium Properties

titanium propertiesTitanium might be a relative newcomer to the world of jewelry, but it’s quickly gaining ground. Numerous titanium properties make this metal the perfect medium for wedding bands and other jewelry that’s made to last and to shine.

Apples of Gold carries over 40 styles of titanium wedding bands, and each of them contain the titanium properties that make this metal perfectly suited for jewelry that symbolizes lasting love. Titanium is:

Titanium is the metal of choice for many looking for sleek, modern designs and Apples of Gold’s titanium wedding band collection offers many examples of this style. Several designs highlight titanium’s ability to give a modern spin to classic wedding bands. For example, the Titanium Brushed Wedding Band Ring with high polished edges is understated and refined, and the Titanium Cross Wedding Band places a single white cross on a flat band for a unique statement of faith and commitment.titanium celtic heart wedding band

One of the more unique titanium properties is that this metal can be colored through an anodizing process that creates titanium oxide in colors such as blue and green. Apples of Gold’s Titanium Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band is available in your choice of several colors and features a seamless design, symbolizing eternity.

The titanium properties that are making titanium an increasingly sought-after medium for jewelry are the same properties that make this metal a strong and stunning choice. Titanium’s strength, affordability and style render it a perfect choice for wedding bands.