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Wedding Bands for Her

wedding bands for herA wedding ring is a daily reminder of the promises you make on the day you marry. Apples of Gold’s collection of wedding bands for her, from classic to original, offer an array of styles that communicate lasting love and commitment.

A variety of womens wedding bands reflect traditional styles with just enough of a twist to make them uniquely current and instant classics:

A number of more ornate wedding bands showcase stunning feminine style and commendable craftsmanship:floral wedding band

Some of Apples of Gold’s wedding bands for her feature diamonds—stones that have long been recognized for their “forever” qualities:

two tone wedding bandAlthough white gold is the most popular metal used in wedding bands for her, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum styles are equally attractive, and many of Apples of Gold’s rings are available in several metal options. A number of styles combine two or even three metals; for example, the Two-Tone Wedding Bands combine yellow and white gold to symbolize the intertwining of two lives. Two strands of white gold are twisted together and bordered by yellow gold cords.

There are wedding rings suited for any woman. Apples of Gold’s collection of wedding bands for her offers variety, style and quality so you can find the perfect ring that will say “I do” for a lifetime.