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Gold?  Or Golden Fields?

Gold? Or Golden Fields?

Gold prices are on the wobble once again. Last week, they finished up.  The reason for this was a weak dollar.  But as they began the week, prices on the world’s favorite precious metal slumped just slightly.   The denting came from inclines in prices for oil and wheat. This week begins with more slumping in stocks […]

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Gold Up; How About a Gold Standard?

Gold Up; How About a Gold Standard?

The price of gold vaults upward, surpassing predictions and hits $1000 per ounce this week.  Not surprising, given consumers and investors concerns about the stability of the American dollar.  The value of gold always flies in the opposite direction of the dollar’s value.  That is, if investors think the dollar is going up, the value […]

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Panning for Clues in the Gold Market

Panning for Clues in the Gold Market

This weekend, I was in Phoenix, Arizona and then headed upstate to Kingman. A friend mentioned that there was a gold mine along the way that operated “when gold prices are good.” I’m guessing it’s not in operation currently. There are many ways to get the gold out of the ground, including panning, sluicing, metal […]

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