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Von Dutch Watch Von Dutch Watch

Released October 29, 2007

Von Dutch Watch and Apples of Gold Jewelry, Exclusive Online Retailer

Von Dutch Watch

In an exclusive deal with Von Dutch Watches, Apples of Gold Jewelry is currently the only authorized online retailer of the Von Dutch Watch. Offering the Von Dutch Watch on their website, including The Angel Collection, The Kobra, Dutchman, the Spiral Collection, and the Bangle Collection, shoppers can purchase directly online from the only authorized online retailer, backed by Von Dutch's official approval, name, and warranty.

Most name brand watch companies, such as Rolex and Breitling, and other major players have so far been unwilling to sell their high-end watches to online jewelers. But now with ever increasing growth and consumer trust of the online market, this taboo realm in the watch world has slowly begun to shift ground. Reputable "up and coming" jewelry company, Apples of Gold Jewelry and "rebel-culture" designer, Von Dutch, have led the way, and rightly so!

Von Dutch Watch - Bangles

Apples of Gold Jewelry, itself an innovator in the online jewelry industry, was one of the first major online jewelers, selling jewelry since 1999, with products ranging from gold bracelets, gold chains and necklaces, gemstone jewelry, wedding rings, and now high-end designer name-brand watches such as Von Dutch, GianTTo Watch, and Polanti watches.

Unlike larger jewelry companies such as Blue Nile, Apples of Gold Jewelry has been less known to the general public, keeping for now their company privately held, rather than publicly traded like online jeweler Blue Nile. With a loyal customer base, Apples of Gold Jewelry hopes to brand their name further into the public spotlight with the addition of high-end and invariably unique pieces of jewelry that you will not normally find at your average online jewelry store.

Von Dutch Watch - SpiralA hallmark of Apples of Gold Jewelry's personable customer service is the ability for any of its customers to speak directly to the CEO, if they but ask. Apples of Gold Jewelry remains small enough to still be personable and actually care for its loyal base of customers, while large enough to strike groundbreaking deals with the likes of Von Dutch and the GianTTo Group, who themselves often cater to the famous and to high-end consumers, especially the "Stars".

Apples of Gold, CEO, Afshin Yaghtin, states that he likes to think of his company as a "jewelry company" first, and an "online business" second. "We are as reputable and carry as high-end jewelry as a traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry store. We just happen to sell online instead." And then he adds, after a pause, "And for a lot less".

Visit Apples of Gold Jewelry to check out their unconventional "kustomized" Von Dutch Watches!

Our favorite Von Dutch Watch? We couldn't pick just one!

THE DUTCHMAN (shown at top)

"The Von Dutch DUTCHMAN dual time zone chronograph - when it comes to options, two is always better than one.  Destined to redefine the way you look at time, this watch epitomizes the classic power of hard-edged elegance. 

Curving stainless steel exhaust pipes frame two sunray dials, providing structure and dimension.  The first time zone is all business with gothic numbers, mesh-grilled center in black sunray and chronograph ...

THE KOBRA (shown to the right)Von Dutch Watch - Kobra

"Proving that the whole is more than a mere sum of its parts, the Von Dutch KOBRA takes inspiration from the form and contours of a motorcycle's components and welds them together into a boldly mechanical watch."









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Von Dutch Watch

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