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Black Diamond Jewelry: A Black Diamond Jewelry: A "Black and White" Affair

Released 08/02/2007

Black Diamond Ring

Apples of Gold Jewelry's newest addition to their approx. 2,000 unique jewelry items is their new line of colored diamonds, including black diamond rings, black diamond pendants, and black diamond earrings. The value and attractiveness of black diamond jewelry is manifold: it is unique and aesthetically pleasing, classy, trendy, and is substantially less expensive than a traditional white diamond.

A large 2.00 carat black diamond solitaire ring can cost between $500-$600 on average in today's market, compared to $8,000 - $12,000 for a white diamond of the same size.

Black diamonds are in fact natural, genuine diamonds with one caveat: they have been treated to obtain their pure and uniform black color. As for prices, black diamonds are surpassingly lower. There are of course naturally occurring black diamonds also, but they are very rare and very brittle due to their high inclusion levels, and are also exceptionally expensive. One famous naturally occurring black diamond is the sought after Black Orlov, weighing at 67.5 Carats and the Black Star of Africa weighing in at 202.00 Carats. The naturally occurring black diamond is truly an anomaly and very few will own one. Virtually all black diamonds on the market are treated diamonds which have been altered through irradiation (radiation) or heat treatment.

Another classy black diamond concept is “black and white" diamond jewelry, which combines both black and white diamonds. This creates a very sophisticated and creative look. Take a traditional three stone diamond ring, but instead of the standard white diamond center stone, add a black diamond center stone flanked by two white diamond side stones. A large 1 3/4 carat "black and white" diamond ring at Apples of Gold Jewelry will cost an affordable $925 or so vs. approx. $7,000 (average) for an "all white" 1 3/4 Carat Three Stone Diamond Ring.

Among other unique styles is Apples of Gold's Art Deco Black Diamond Ring and their Black Diamond Heart Ring.

Within the next month, Apples of Gold Jewelry will also be releasing a new line of blue diamond jewelry, debuting in September 2007. Afshin Yaghtin, CEO of Apples of Gold Jewelry, is hoping to secure a new line of champagne colored and chocolate colored diamonds to debut, he hopes, by 2008.

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Black Diamond Jewelry: A "Black and White" Affair

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