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Gold Prices, Retail Jewelry: Apples of Gold Jewelry

 Gold Prices, Retail Jewelry: A Golden Deal from Apples of Gold Jewelry

Released August 22, 2006    

August 22, 2006 -- The price of gold, even with its peaks and valleys, has gone up. In fact, it has doubled over the last five years. The peaks and valleys are the key. The price can fluctuate daily, if not hourly.

When a dip occurs, our retail prices reflect the decrease. These savings are passed on to the customer.

Traditional jewelers price items by the "keystone" method. This means they double or triple the wholesale price of the item. This is the industry standard for the traditional retailer. There is nothing wrong with this except that it is expensive.

Apples of Gold Jewelry has its own tradition. This BBB "A" rated on-line jeweler, because of its very nature, consistently undersells traditional jewelers by half!

Traditional jewelers are locked into a certain price that they pay for their inventory. When a dip in gold price does occur, they cannot reflect it because they have to cover their prior purchase.

At Apples of Gold however, as customer requests come in, "our firm orders directly from the manufacturer at the price for that day," states president of Apples of Gold Jewelry, Afshin Yaghtin. "When a dip occurs, our retail prices reflect the decrease. These savings are passed on to the customer." He/She Wins.

Because of this same policy, even when the price of gold rises, the mark-up used by Apples of Gold is still well below that of traditional jewelers, since they are not employing keystone pricing structures in their markup. The customer wins here as well.

Apples of Gold believes in dealing with quality in order to obtain quantity. "At times we have cut our profits so our customers will remain our customers and maybe spread the word that we stand for integrity, honesty and a willingness to share the benefits even when the going gets rough", says Yaghtin.

Since time immemorial, gold has been a constant. It is the standard. It is nice to know that in this uncertain world, there is yet another constant: the reliability of Apples of Gold to offer the highest quality merchandise at the most affordable prices.

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