Large Round Pietersite Ring in Silver

Large Round Pietersite Ring in Silver

Item #: NRB-6132-PIT-R
Retail Value: 200.00

Ring Size:


Apples of Gold Jewelry showcases the unique pietersite gemstone in this large round pietersite ring in silver!

The deep, smoldering chocolate color of the pietersite gemstone, which measures a large 22mm in size, is cut into a round shape and placed into a beautiful .925 sterling silver ring. The ring features a scalloped edging along the gemstone, which adds extra charm to this already beautiful and stunningly sized ring. Add a little extra flair to your jewelry and clothing with this bold statement ring, with a gorgeous shining silver and a deep brown gemstone.

We guarantee our Large Round Pietersite Ring in Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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