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Men's Onyx Cross Purity Ring

White Gold Bible Verse Purity Ring

Women's Cross Purity Ring

A Purity Ring or chastity ring can serve as an outward symbol and a reminder to the wearer that she – or even he – is saving sex until after marriage. The purity ring stands for a commitment to moral values, a commitment to God, the Father, and also serves as an acknowledgement of the health risks that are involved in unchecked behavior.

Men's Diamond Cross Purity Ring

At the risk of a cliché, it is pretty sure that things are not as they used to be. Physical, emotional, and mental maturation do not come about at any set rate. There is no formula, no norm.

Because of the leaps and bounds made by technology, the information highway is broader and more available today than at any time in history. Youth are being bombarded by thoughts and ideas at an alarming rate.

Men's Onyx Cross Purity Ring

Ruby Cross Purity Ring

14K Two-Tone Gold Bible Verse Cross Purity Ring

As followers of Jesus Christ and a functioning members of society, we must have some sort of compass, a moral or behavioral gyroscope, to guide us safely through troubled waters. For Christians, clearly that compass is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

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