Silver Oval Turquoise Twist Ring

Silver Oval Turquoise Twist Ring

Item #: NRB-6704-STQ-R
Retail Value: 125.00

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This silver oval turquoise twist ring from Apples of Gold Jewelry has almost a vintage like design to go along with the authentic turquoise gemstone.

The gemstone, which is cut into an oval shape, is a gorgeous bluish green in color, and measures 14mm by 10mm in size - generous enough to be worn as a statement ring, and still ideal for wearing daily. The .925 sterling silver band has a twist design - on one side, the design twists up and away from the gemstone, while the other side has the twist design twisting down and away from the gemstone. This unique and playful ring is fun and fashionable.

We guarantee our Silver Oval Turquoise Twist Ring to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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