Sterling Silver 5mm Flat Band

Sterling Silver 5mm Flat Band

Item #:QGRG-QCFF050
Retail Value: 50.00



Perfectly round and newly gleaming, this finely crafted Sterling Silver 5mm Flat Band is a beautiful choice. It is a ring that makes a big impact simply from its subtle design, and can be worn as a single band or matched with other sterling silver accessories such as a sterling silver necklace or earrings.

At a width of 5mm, this ring has just enough weight on the finger to really show off the high polished finish on the band, both inside and out. It boasts beautifully rounded edges that allow the ring to slip on the finger and be worn all day with ease—you’ll forget it is even there. The band is made from only the finest sterling silver (.925), which gives it a desirable luster that keeps the ring shimmering in the light, day or night.

This truly is the type of ring that can be worn in so many ways to suit your current style. Striking in its simplicity, this ring speaks of refined taste in jewelry. It is a sleek, contemporary piece that will be the easiest fashion accessory you will ever own.

Ring measures 5mm in width.

We guarantee our Sterling Silver 5mm Flat Band to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.