Textured Sterling Silver Teardrop Design Earrings

Textured Sterling Silver Teardrop Design Earrings

Item #: QGER-QE6850
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These Textured Sterling Silver Teardrop Design Earrings are a pleasure to own and wear, as a way to show off your contemporary style. The eye-catching shape and design of the earrings make them an ideal accessory to add pizzazz to any outfit and show a unique sense of style. The silver and black pattern offers a universal look that make these earrings all the more appealing because they can be easily paired with all kinds of other jewelry pieces.

These sterling silver earrings measure 11mm by 23mm (not including French hooks) and dangle elegantly from the ear. They have a lovely teardrop shape accented by a black pattern that repeats itself in a spiral fashion, playing tricks on the eye. The surface of each earring has an antique finish that accentuates the black and silver design. French hooks are attached at the top of the earrings by a simple silver hoop.

These dangling earrings are a celebration of geometric pattern that attract the eye and make for a delightful accessory. They offer a playful pattern that is both fun and versatile, and their teardrop shape provides just enough length to give the earrings a nice movement on the ear.

Earrings measure 23mm (7/8") x 11mm (7/16") not including ear wire. Full length is 33mm (1 5/16") including ear wire.

We guarantee our Textured Sterling Silver Teardrop Design Earrings to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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