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Sterling Silver Paisley Wedding Band Ring - Size 10

Sterling Silver Paisley Wedding Band Ring - Size 10

Item #: USWB-M691SS-SALE10
Retail Value: 299.00



Stunning, majestic and resplendent are all words that come to mind with this .925 sterling silver wedding ring from Apples of Gold. Forged in the highest quality silver, the ring makes for an impressive display of craftsmanship. Beginning with two symmetrical edges of high shine, the ring then gives way to a smaller, beaded edge that offers a variation in texture. The center of the 7mm band is carved into swirling shapes of varying sizes, making for a whimsical touch. This silver band is an splendid choice for any jewelry purchase.

Made with argentium sterling silver that will not tarnish.

Wedding Band Characteristics

  • Guaranteed .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Band measures 7mm wide.
  • We guarantee our Sterling Silver Paisley Wedding Band Ring - Size 10 gemstone jewelry to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.

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