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Inexpensive Engagement Rings

Inexpensive Engagement RingsIt’s often called the plunge, the next step, or getting hitched. But whatever you call your engagement or your future married life, you should also think practically about the engagement ring. The proposal and engagement ring might be a surprise for the bride-to-be, or perhaps you’re picking out the ring together. This part of your courtship can be confusing with all the choices and prices out there. Perhaps the most important note is that buying an engagement ring can be costly. Many gentleman go into buying rings without considering the true cost, and quickly become overwhelmed at the prospect of having to pay off a ring for years to come. Thankfully, there are inexpensive engagement rings out there. Apples of Gold jewelry retailer is here to help you find them.

In our modern culture, we often forget that money isn’t the solution to creativity. So, keep in mind that a beautiful ring doesn’t have to break your bank. Take into account your budget but also be mindful of what style suits your future fiancée. Then, browse through Apples of Gold’s selection of inexpensive engagement rings and pop the question! Here are a few rings to help you out in your quest.

Still want to get the classic, timeless diamond ring, but don’t want to spend the rest of your life paying for it? Go for the 1/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring from Apples of Gold. Among inexpensive engagement rings, this is a surefire win. Set in the ever-popular 14K white gold and a yellow gold setting and with an artful design on the band, this ring blends great style with a great price. Apples of Gold offers the WhiteTopaz Art Deco Ring version also shown above/left which is set with a full 1 carat white topaz for less than the cost of a diamond!

If you’re looking for a larger stone but need a more affordable option than diamonds, a white topaz ring is a very viable option. Apples of Gold also offers an White Topaz Bridal Set that takes care of all your proposal needs. The bright white topaz stone is nearly equal in brilliance to diamonds, but at a fraction of the cost--perfect for inexpensive engagement rings. In this ring, the stone is adorned with a gorgeous Victorian-style engraved setting that evokes romance at every angle. Available in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, this ring can be modified to suit your bride.inexpensive engagement ring

If simple elegance is more your girl’s style, then consider the Diamond Solitaire CZ Ring in 14K white gold. Cubic Zirconia may not sound as romantic as diamonds, but it doesn’t lose anything in the looks category. Many inexpensive engagement rings feature CZ stones, but few have the premium quality like those from Apples of Gold. This solitaire ring is individually hand-set and uses a CZ stone that is nearly indistinguishable from a diamond.

These are just a few of the inexpensive engagement rings offered by Apples of Gold. Their jewelry collection gives you an added bonus, too, by providing their high quality jewelry at nearly 40 percent below standard retail pricing. There’s no need to sacrifice style in your search for the perfect engagement ring. Let Apples of Gold help you find just the right ring for your bride-to-be, all while keeping true to your budget.

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