Birthstone Spotlight: Aquamarine 

03-19-2013 aquamarine vintage ringAbout 2,000 years ago, the Roman philosopher Pliny said that aquamarine “has charms not be denied.” That statement is just as true today as it was then. Aquamarine was, and is, a stone with enduring allure that can’t be ignored, and aquamarine jewelry of many kinds showcases its cool, glimmering beauty.

The word “aquamarine” comes from two words: “aqua” (which means “water”) and “mare” (which means “sea”). The origins of this word provide an apt description of the mesmerizing blue sparkle of this gemstone: its light indigo glimmer truly does resemble a clear sea on a sunny day, as the sunlight reflects off of the gentle waves. This lovely cool hue is a refreshing as a cool drink on a hot day and as soothing as the sound of the ocean.

Floral-Inspired Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldYou’d probably never guess it from appearance alone, but aquamarine is actually a member of the beryl family of gemstones, the same family to which the emerald belongs. Like other gemstones in the beryl family, it’s relatively hard, protecting it from wear and tear and giving it lasting goods looks.

The light blue glimmer of aquamarine, a result of the presence of iron, makes it an ideal pick as the March birthstone. It’s the color of the sky on a brisk early spring day when the sun is finally beginning to coax the earth back to life. Its lively appearance symbolizes that winter is finally over, and that a new season of rebirth has begun.

This vibrant blue gemstone has captivated for thousands of years. From the Sumerians to the Egyptians to the Romans, many cultures have admired this gem, testifying to its enduring beauty. The perpetual appeal of aquamarine makes it an ideal gemstone for aquamarine rings that are inspired by the past. For instance, the Vintage Floral Aquamarine Ring in 14K White Gold places a 6mm round aquamarine in the center of a meticulously-carved 14K white gold floral setting that calls to mind the patterns that were popular during the Victorian Era.  Delicate blossoms are carved into the sides of the band, creating a look that brings a touch a spring to your look at any time of year. This is a ring with a time-honored design that’s rich with feminine charm.

Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldThe timeless beauty of aquamarine is equally suited to one-of-a kind modern designs, as demonstrated in the Floral-Inspired Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. This eye-catching piece combines a striking 6.5mm round aquamarine with over a third carat of round diamonds—40 stones in all—to create a sparkling flower that’s always in bloom. A dozen of these diamonds pair off to form dazzling petals that surround the center blue gem, while the rest are channel set into the slender 14K white gold band. This is a contemporary look that’s sure to draw compliments.

Princess-Cut Aquamarine and Sapphire Ring in 14K White GoldThe mesmerizing sparkle of aquamarine gives it a fanciful look that’s fit for a princess, a quality which is clearly seen in the Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold. An alluring 2-carat princess-cut aquamarine, 7mm square, presides over this unique piece, while eight channel-set diamonds accent the band, hemmed in by demure beaded edges. A repeating motif is carved into the sides of the band, adding to this ring’s sense of timeless sophistication.

Aquamarine not only pairs well with diamonds; it also looks lovely with other blue gemstones such as sapphire, as seen in the Princess-Cut Aquamarine and Sapphire Ring in 14K White Gold. This stunning ring places a 5mm princess-cut aquamarine in the spotlight and accents it with round sapphires that stud every visible surface of the band with deep indigo glimmer.Cushion Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant, 14K White Gold

Since it features the birthstone for the month of March, aquamarine jewelry is lovely way to show anyone with a March birthday that you think she’s someone special. Aquamarine pendants can make especially good gifts as they fit anyone and flatter a wide variety of skin tones.

For instance, the Cushion Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold would add a flattering touch to nearly any lady’s look, making it a gift that’s sure to be appreciated. This classy piece features a striking 2.90-carat cushion-cut aquamarine, and surrounds it with a frame of sparkling diamonds. Additional diamonds adorn the bale, adding extra sparkle to this timelessly beautiful piece, set in cool 14K white gold.

As a semiprecious gemstone, aquamarine is a relatively affordable choice; however, if you’re really looking to save some cash, consider a Aquamarine and Black Diamond Royal Pendant in .925 Sterling Silverstyle that sets this gem in sterling silver. Sterling silver aquamarine jewelry is both versatile and wallet-friendly, not to mention stylish. The Aquamarine and Black Diamond Royal Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver is a perfect example. This chic necklace features a 10mm-high aquamarine (nearly a four carats!) in the center of a unique scalloped frame. This frame and the bale that holds it are dotted with 0.22 carats of cool, black diamonds, creating eye-catching contrast and adding a sense of rich sophistication. This piece comes with a coordinating 18-inch chain, making it ready to wear from the moment you receive it.

7mm x 5mm Pear Shaped Aquamarine and Diamond Flower Earrings in 14K White GoldAquamarine earrings also make lovely gifts … or additions to your own jewelry collection. The 7mm x 5mm Pear Shaped Aquamarine and Diamond Flower Earrings in 14K White Gold adds lively sparkle to your ears as two 7mm-high teardrop-shaped aquamarines are surrounded by over a quarter carat of round diamonds. Like two glimmering raindrops, this pair will refresh your look, even on the dreariest day.

Aquamarine Stud Earrings, 14K White GoldIf you’re looking for a pair of foolproof partners to an aquamarine pendant or necklace, look no further than the Aquamarine Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold. These studs are available your choice of four stone sizes, as well as with traditional push backs or screw backs, allowing you to pick a pair that suits you perfectly.

From feminine vintage designs to contemporary looks to pieces with timeless, mesmerizing beauty, aquamarine jewelry dazzles with the perfect combination of soothing sparkle and refreshing color. This March, why not try a ring, pendant or pair of earrings that features this month’s birthstone?


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