Secret Mission: How To Select The Engagement Ring Without Her Knowing.

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Is there anything more romantic than the surprise marriage proposal? This takes a bit of work and planning, gentlemen, but it certainly can be done. Many brides like to pick out their own rings and grooms certainly want to get the ring she’ll love, but nothing spoils the surprise like taking notes when the two of you are at the jewelry store. If you want to make this a surprise and find the ring she loves, then you’ll have to get a little creative and crafty.

We’ll let you figure out how you want to propose, but the big question in most men’s minds is how to select the perfect ring without actually taking her ring shopping or dropping too many hints.

Start by looking at the jewelry she currently wears. Is she artsy and bold? Does she like ethnic jewelry, bright colors, and shiny silver? Or is her style minimalist—perhaps a basic pair of pearl stud earrings or a simple cross necklace? Pay special attention to her favorite metals. If she’s into sterling silver, you’ll want to choose an engagement ring set in white gold or platinum. If she wears yellow gold, choose the engagement ring to match. But what if she wears both? Next time she’s wearing a pair of yellow gold earrings, say something like, “I like those earrings. Do you like the yellow best or silvery ones?  Simple, curious questions like these aren’t likely to tip her off.

As much as you might like to keep it a secret from the whole world, your best resources are her mother, her sisters, and her friends. Women talk with each other about their dream rings. A chat with the women in her life is the most useful research you can conduct. They’ll be able to suggest cuts and metals that she is sure to love.

The hardest part will be finding the right size. Here her mother and sisters may be able to help out. If not, there are a couple of tricks, but they’ll take a little planning. If you can get one of her rings, preferably one that she wears on her ring finger, slide it over a wax taper candle and mark the point at which the ring just fits. If you can’t pull off the taper trick, you can try sliding the ring over your own finger and then remembering where it hits. You may not be able to get an exact measurement, but it will give you a general idea and a jeweler can make the minor adjustments later.

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