The Apples of Gold “Best Of” Series: The Best Of Our Platinum Wedding Bands

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In this series we’re exploring our collection of precious metals and our most popular bands in an effort to help you understand what goes into a great wedding band. Perhaps you have a few ideas about what you’d like or maybe you are just starting to gather information. Either way, we want to help you to make the best possible choice when it comes to selecting your own wedding band. Read on to learn about platinum and to see which of the Apples of Gold platinum wedding bands are among our best sellers.

Platinum has a reputation for being the “Cadillac” of the precious metals. Known for its luxurious quality, rarity (it is the rarest metal in the world), and high level of purity, platinum is a consistently sought-after metal. It is heavier than gold and because of its naturally white color, it will never need to be re-plated or treated. What you see is what you get…forever. According to French King Louis XV, “it was the only metal fit for a king.”

Men and women alike love platinum for its high-class status. But its allure is also its drawback: platinum is far more expensive than gold or other metals used for wedding bands. Even though Apples of Gold holds to its model of ethical pricing standards, platinum still comes with a high price tag. For many couples the cost factor eliminates it from the running. Platinum is also a bit softer than gold. This can be both a positive and negative characteristic. If a platinum ring holding a stone suffers a blow, it is more likely to bend, whereas a gold ring, in the same circumstance would be more likely to break. Though softer than gold, platinum is still considered a very durable metal and more than adequate in hardness for wedding bands and engagement rings.

Is platinum right for you? Have a look at a few of our most lustrous and luxurious platinum wedding bands!

Platinum Wide Braided Wedding Band Ring. (above left) Weighing a full 19 grams, this ring’s luxury is in its heft. The braided center design  is simple and unassuming, yet unique—you won’t see this band on the hand of everyone else. High-shine finish and comfort fit design.

Platinum Hammered Design Wedding Band Ring. (above right) Available in a variety of widths, the hammered band is consistently among Apples of Gold’s best selling wedding bands. The hammered-finish center is surrounded by a smooth, shiny border—the perfect mix of rugged and refined.

Knife-Edge Platinum Wedding Band – 4mm. (left) The beveled knife-edge band is suitable for a man or a woman and available in a variety of widths. Whether in high-polish finish (as shown here) or matte, this handmade platinum ring speaks ‘beauty’ and ‘luxury.’ It’s no wonder this ring is a favorite.

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