The Apples of Gold “Best Of” Series: The Best Of Our Rose Gold Wedding Bands

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Is rose gold new to you? In our “Best Of” wedding band series, we’re showing you the many options you have in choosing your wedding jewelry and also helping to educate you on the precious metals that are most frequently used in wedding rings. By browsing through our lineup of best sellers, you can see what other brides and grooms are choosing as the most important piece of jewelry they will own. Your wedding ring is not only a sentimental and symbolic token, it is also an investment and something you will wear forever—you want to choose the finest!

This year has seen a rise in the popularity of rose gold. With its warm, coppery luster, it brings a little extra flair and newness to the standard wedding jewelry. Though rose gold has recently gained popularity, it is hardly new or trendy. Once favored in the courts of Russia, it was often referred to as “Russian gold” or “red gold.”

Like yellow gold, rose gold is an alloy of pure gold and copper. But in the case of rose gold, the percentage of copper is not less than 25%. Rose gold is equal in value to white gold and yellow gold of the same karat measurement. All gold is a mixture of pure gold and other alloy metals. What you want to look for it the karat number—this tells you what percentage of the metal is pure gold. Thus 14k rose gold is equal in value to 14k white gold, they simply have different quantities and colors of alloy metals. 

Rose gold is also equal to its yellow and white gold counterparts in durability and strength. Gold has maintained its position as the favored wedding ring metal because it is durable, but not so hard that it can’t be engraved or adjusted. While gold is made to withstand wear-and-tear, after several years you may want to have it professionally cleaned and polished to keep it at highest shine.

Our best selling rose gold wedding rings:

14K White and Rose Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring. (above left) This ring highlights the unique beauty of rose gold by enclosing it within a border of white gold. The hammered, brushed rose gold center band stands out against the high-shine white gold. Simple and classic, this ring incorporates the less common, but no less alluring rose gold. The look is both elegant and fresh.

14K Rose Gold and Tri-Color Braided Wedding Band Ring. (above right) For the best of all worlds, choose a ring that weaves together yellow, white, and rose gold. This stunning braided center stands out against a high-shine rose gold band. Perfect for a man looking for a ring that will work in many settings—from office to church to baseball field, this ring fits.

14K White Gold & Rose Gold Wedding Band. (left) Though white brushed gold overlays much of the visible rose gold on this ring—the reddish hues peek out from the edges of the band. The inner, less visible rose gold symbolizes the more private love you have for your wife. A beautiful piece—both visually and symbolically, and a favorite among grooms-to-be.

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