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Male Wedding Bands

Male Wedding BandsIn the modern world, menís jewelry is more common than it once was. Traditionally seen on women, pieces such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces are now popular on men. Male wedding bands are no exception. There has been an explosion of menís wedding ring styles and designsófinding a menís wedding ring has become more challenging and confusing. Want to know how to pick the ring thatís best for you? Here are a few things to consider:

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Pick a metal that works for your lifestyle. Are you a man who works with your hands? Then a stronger metal such as 14K white or yellow gold or titanium would be recommended. If thatís not a concern, Apples of Gold also offers a variety of Male wedding bands made of softer metals such as platinum in many designs and styles. Another popular style is the mixing of metals. Choose between a mix of white and yellow gold, or a newer trend of rose gold and white gold. The metals are of different colors, attracting more attention to the ring and giving it a unique look.

Do you prefer a design or a plain band? Do you like a little patterning or an intricate design? A popular pick is the Celtic knotted band. This adds a little flair and gives the ring an interesting look. Another original style is the hammered finish, available in all different types of precious metals. If you prefer a more traditional style, a classic 14K white or yellow gold band is available. This never goes out of style.

Stones. While a solid band in the metal of choice may be most common among grooms, many men prefer the elegant look of a diamond or other colored gemstone incorporated into the design of their wedding band. From small diamond chips to a larger center stone, men can choose to add a little or a lot of bling. Diamonds and black onyx are popular, masculine choices.Male wedding band

Engravings. Like womenís rings, male wedding bands can also be engraved. This is a great way for couples to personalize their bands and make them especially meaningful. Some of the popular engravings that Apples of Gold offers include bible verses, crosses designs, or the date of your wedding. One favored pick is the carved paisley pattern available in rose gold and white gold.

Whether you're choosing an original and interesting style or a classic gold band, the variety of male wedding bands that Apples of Gold offers will be sure to please any groom.

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