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Released 10/29/07

Black Diamond Ring

Von Dutch Watch and Apples of Gold Jewelry, Exclusive Online Retailer

In an exclusive deal with Von Dutch Watches, Apples of Gold Jewelry is currently the only authorized online retailer of the Von Dutch Watch. Offering the Von Dutch Watch on their website, including The Angel Collection, The Kobra, Dutchman, the Spiral Collection, and the Bangle Collection, shoppers can purchase directly online from the only authorized online retailer, backed by Von Dutch's official approval, name, and warranty.

Most name brand watch companies, such as Rolex and Breitling, and other major players have so far been unwilling to sell their high-end watches to online jewelers. But now with ever increasing growth and consumer trust of the online market, this taboo realm in the watch world has slowly begun to shift ground. Reputable "up and coming" jewelry company, Apples of Gold Jewelry and "rebel-culture" designer, Von Dutch, have led the way, and rightly so (Read More ...)


Released 8/02/07

Black Diamond Ring

A "Black and White" Affair: Black Diamond Jewelry

Apples of Gold Jewelry's newest addition to their approx. 2,000 unique jewelry items is their new line of colored diamonds, including black diamond rings, black diamond pendants, and black diamond earrings. The value and attractiveness of black diamond jewelry is manifold: it is unique and aesthetically pleasing, classy, trendy, and is substantially less expensive than a traditional white diamond. (Read More ...)


Released 6/02/07

Gemstone Jewelry: Gemstone Ring History & Symbolism

Apples of Gold Jewelry has launched its gemstone jewelry history, myth, and symbolism section with expert insight not only on gemstone history and gemstone properties, but on the historical and sometimes religious and often mythological stories that surround gemstone jewelry. (Read More ...)

Released 1/03/07

Diamond Journey Heart PendantNew Heart Jewelry Collection

Apples of Gold Jewelry’s heart jewelry collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day, consists of both traditional and contemporary heart jewelry, including traditional diamond heart pendants and gold rings, as well as their newly debuted diamond journey collection. (Read More ...)


Released 8/22/06

Gold Prices, Retail Jewelry: A Golden Deal from Apples of Gold Jewelry

The price of gold, even with its peaks and valleys, has gone up. In fact, it has doubled over the last five years. The peaks and valleys are the key. The price can fluctuate daily, if not hourly.

Traditional jewelers price items by the "keystone" method. This means they double or triple the wholesale price of the item. This is the industry standard for the traditional retailer. There is nothing wrong with this except that it is expensive. Apples of Gold Jewelry has its own tradition (Read More ...)

Released 4/26/0

Gold to Surpass $1,000? An Answer for Shoppers

An online jeweler, Apples of Gold Jewelry, and similar online jewelry stores may be an unexpected answer for jewelry shoppers in the midst of dramatically rising gold prices.

Many market analysts had as early as 1st quarter 2005 predicted the price of gold to reach $600 per ounce. Earlier this year, analysts estimated gold to reach $800 within the next 1 to 2 years. A minority of analysts are now even resolute enough to predict gold hitting the $1,000 per ounce level within the next 3 years. (Read More ...)

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