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Titanium Wedding Bands for Men

titanium wedding bands for menStrong as steel, titanium wedding bands for men combine superior durability with everlasting shine. But they’re a great deal lighter than steel—an especially attractive quality for men who aren’t accustomed to wearing jewelry. You’ll barely know you have it on!

Men are intrigued by the many high-tech uses for this incredible metal. Space shuttles are primarily constructed of titanium and the metal is widely used in sports equipment, medical supplies, and airplanes. Its natural resistance to corrosion, its steel-like strength, and lightweight quality make it the metal of choice across a wide spectrum.

The same properties that make titanium such a natural choice in highly technical fields also make it an ideal choice for your wedding jewelry. Being resistant to corrosion, titanium won’t tarnish or discolor with time. While we encourage the same care of titanium rings that we do our gold and platinum jewelry, your titanium ring will be a little more forgiving of a spontaneous dip in the ocean or swimming pool.

Though the popularity of titanium wedding bands for men has steadily increased, titanium is relatively new on the jewelry scene. The metal was first discovered in 1791 in the region of Cornwall, Great Britain. Named after the Titans in Greek Mythology who were known for their superior strength and prowess, titanium has come to symbolize the best qualities in a metal: strength, durability, performance, and high shine, while weighing no more than aluminum.

The Apples of Gold collection of titanium wedding bands for men are constructed of aircraft grade titanium, which incorporates 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. As titanium is more readily available than gold or platinum, a high quality wedding band comes at an attractively affordable price. Combined with the Apples of Gold ethical pricing model, you are guaranteed a ring that fits your personal style and your budget.

With titanium wedding bands for men from Apples of Gold, you have a variety of attractive, masculine styles and finishes to choose from. Celtic knot patterns, cross designs, infinity symbols, and stripe patterns are only a few of your options. We also feature traditional shapes and designs with hammered, matte, and high shine finishes. Most rings are customizable, allowing you to choose the width of your band as well as the finish and any engraving you may wish to include.

For a ring that’s as strong as the love you have for your bride, titanium tops the list.

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