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Braided Wedding BandYou are embarking on a wondrous time-honored celebration, so what better way to set the mood than with the perfect wedding band ring - a unique reflection of your perfect love. Many ancient cultures used wedding bands to symbolize unity and eternity. Those special bands are the most recognizable and influential symbol of the sacred institution of marriage. Though the look of wedding bands evolved over the centuries the symbolic sentiment of love, honor, and devotion remain timeless.

Apples of Gold offers a wide range of affordable wedding band ring styles to represent each coupleís unique needs and distinct tastes. Some of our more popular styles include Hammered, Braided, Celtic, and Plain bands. Each style comes from a rich heritage full of beauty and love. Hammered wedding bands combine the distinct craftsmanship of the past with modern innovation. There was a time in the past, before the rise of modern machinery, when goldsmiths labored vigorously with hand tools to create the best wedding ring possible from precious gold. Our Hammered wedding band ring collection represents the homemade styles of the past with subtle impressions hammered on the ring. This distinctive style is extremely durable and designed for comfort making it a celebrated choice amongst couples.

Braided wedding bands date back to the times of the Pharaohs in Egypt when Circular rings were constructed by braiding papyrus, weeds, and other plants into a circular shape for placement upon the recipientís left hand. The exchange of the braided plants represented an eternal bond of never-ending love. This old custom is brought to life with our vast braided wedding band ring collection. From pure gold to platinum to tri-color we have a ring to meet your exacting standards.

The rich Gaelic tradition brings us the praised Celtic wedding bands. The superb craftsmanship and intricate designs originate from Ireland. Many of the stunning designs are influenced by Irish manuscripts, knot work, and symbols. In past times, these rings represented status, fidelity, and wealth. Celtic rings continue to be a favorite style of todayís brides and grooms bringing forth a rich tradition, quality, and style.Plain wedding bands

Plain wedding bands are the purest representation of simplistic beauty and are quite popular with those seeking a return to simplicity. These rings are classic and beautiful and remind one of what is truly important - love. They are comfortable, practical, and classy. Our plain wedding band ring collection has something to fit every budget and style.

Celebrate your love with a beautiful wedding band, because your love is meant to be celebrated- today, tomorrow, and always!

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